NMRA 2018 Kansas City Convention - August 5-12, 2018 National Model Railroad Association

Kansas City

This is the place to learn more about Kansas City. Here you will find links to local attractions, KC rail fan sites, local videos, and transportation information.
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Kansas City has a broad range of attractions, and has something for a broad range of interests.

Here are just a few of the attractions that KC has to offer!
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Amtrak, air, bus, or car - whatever it takes to get your caboose to Kansas City!

Learn more about the transportation option in the KC metro area here,

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Who doesn't love a good map. So tactile…so analog…so…last millennium!

Click here for link to several useful maps of Kansas City, including parking and transportation maps.
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Love to watch the big trains do their thing? You've come to the right place. Kanas City has some of the best rail fanning opportunities, many within walking distance or a short drive from the convention hotel!

Enjoy this great video of Kansas City by Tim Lair:

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