NMRA 2018 Kansas City Convention - August 5-12, 2018 National Model Railroad Association

Making Foreground Trees

MWTM – Making Foreground Trees (4)

Title: Making Foreground Trees
Cost: $30

Date: Monday, August 6, 2018 Time: 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Lead Instructor: Jim Gore MMR, along with Howard Goodwin MMR and Clark Kooning, MMR and Peter Youngblood, MMR,

In this workshop, Jim Gore will teach you how make two different types of foreground trees with enough detail to make them stand out at the edge of the layout or on your next diorama. Before construction, we will discuss a little botany and plant ecology and the effects of elevation and exposure to what are the appropriate species and varieties to be “planted” on the layout. We will also discover appropriate colors for every season. Then, we will make two types of trees, a conifer/pine tree made from balsa and caspia, as well as a deciduous tree, using SuperSage armatures and SuperTrees. A variety of “leaf” materials will be provided.

Required Tools Participants Must Provide:
  • Hot glue pot (not a hot glue gun)
  • Extension cord or power strip
  • Fine-pointed tweezers/forceps
  • Hobby knife with #11 blade
  • Small scissors
  • Pin-vise and drill bits (especially #68 and larger)
  • CA (super) glue (something like Gorilla super-glue, medium viscosity, will be fine)

Students need to bring their own tools in order to participate in these clinics

Bring any other tools you usually use or might find useful.

Optional tools: Optivisor, extra work light. These are handy tools which you could use in our clinics, but it is not essential that you buy them just for this week. It is your option!

A good way to carry all of these tools is to buy a small inexpensive plastic tackle box. These are usually available at department stores year-round.

Please note an updated tool list may be sent to you the week prior to the convention or on the Convention web site.

If not listed here, we will provide materials such as glues and paint.