Stockton and Copperopolis National Model Railroad Association

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Don Ball’s Stockton and Copperopolis

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Return to those thrilling days of the nineteenth century when railroads were the only way to travel and move merchandise. The Stockton & Copperopolis recreates operations on a short line railroad in California’s San Joaquin Valley in 1895.

Operating with a timetable and train orders, 10 operators must move a variety of passenger, merchandise and reefers over a three scale mile main line from Stockton to Merced and a 1½ mile branch to Copperopolis using smooth-running 4-4-0s and 2-6-0s.

In addition, the class 1 Moraga Springs Northern Railroad has trackage rights over part of the S&C to run its all-Pullman passenger trains and through freights using the newer 4-6-0s and 2-8-0s.

Photo Gallery

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Keystone Ravine
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Operating Desk
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Orford Junction
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Another view of Orford Junction
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Oakdale Stock Yards
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Train time at Peters
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Waverley photo stop
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Pacific Coast Oil Refinery
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Pacific Coast Oil Yard
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Foothill Oil Company
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Gilbert Hay Yard
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Grade to Copperopolis
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View from Peters looking east
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Milton Oil Trestle
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Capital Flyer
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Howe & Smallwood Grain Warehouse
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Superintendent’s Inspection loco
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Stanislaus Warehouse - grain
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Oakdale Lumber Co.
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Stanlslaus Milling Company
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Engine No. 4 - Pay Train Engine
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Oakdale turntable and water tank
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Oakdale and private car