UP, Uintah, and KCS National Model Railroad Association

Miles and Fran Hale's Union Pacific, Uintah, and Kansas City Southern
1 1/2" (Live Steam)
F (garden)
On30 (indoor train room)

We have three railroads in use.  The Union Pacific live steam is in the backyard and is ride-on ready. Come feel the wind in your face.  

The F scale model of the Uintah Railway is in the Garden but not on the garden.  All the track is elevated to 40” so that running and maintenance are easier and much more fun. The entire Uintah system is modeled for operations.  

The Kansas City Southern’s West Bottoms of Kansas City are modeled in the 20’ x 26’  indoor “Train Room” with On30 running the streets and alleys of the bottoms area. Big city buildings dwarf the trains and make for interesting operations by the train crews.  

The live steam and F scale railroads are complete.  The On30 is under construction and partially running.

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