Santa Fe Emporia Subdivision National Model Railroad Association

Steve McKee, Rio Grand Southern and DRGW, On3
2,200 square ft
Colorado mountains
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About the Layout
This is a 38’x46’ Miles Hale designed freelance railroad based on the RGS & DRGW in southwest Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. It features a beautiful backdrop painted by Larry Patch.

This layout is built in the middle of the basement and not around the walls in a 2200 sq ft area. There is about 440 ft of track with a minimum radius of 38”. Its 220 ft when walking around the layout so there is plenty of room for visitors. The track and # 6 switches are all from San Juan Manufacturing except the 3 way stub switches in the yards which are railway engineering. Maximum grade is 3 ½”.

The elevations go from 45” to 59”. The era is the 1950’s and will feature mining and a lumber line and will be operational later on. All the rock casting of which there are many are Joel Bragdon’s Geodesic Foam scenery using his latex rock castings some of which are 2’x3’. The layout has about 6 year’s time in on it so far. I did about 90% of the work on the layout and the rest was help from several friends of mine who helped out when I ran into something I didn’t know about yet or something that just took 2 people to do.

It features the NCE DCC system for power with wireless throttles. Layout is handicap accessible from walkout basement. There is also a restroom in the basement.
Layout at a Glance 
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Layout at a glance
  • On3
  • Prototype-Denver and Rio Grande Western, Rio Grande Southern
  • Location: southwest Colorado and southwestern New Mexico
  • Size: 2,200 square feet
  • Layout design: continuous loop
  • Command system: NCE wireless
  • Handicap-accessible
  • Scenery 95 percent complete

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