Indian Ridge & Crystal Lake Railroad National Model Railroad Association

Brad Morneau, Indian Ridge & Crystal Lake Railroad
1950's logging railroad
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Indian Ridge & Crystal Lake Railroad, HO.  The IRCL is set in the late 1950's. It’s located in Northern Minnesota and started out as a logging railroad. Unlike most other logging railroads, it managed to survive and expand beyond logging into limited mining and other general freight work and lived on into the mid-20th century. The majority of its locomotives are steam.  

Bench-work: Part of the layout is shelf style, hanging off one wall. The other part is a free standing curved wall structure with the layout hanging off both sides. The wall curves into a folded dog-bone. Bench-work is 85% complete with only three siding areas left to build.  

Track: Track is hand-laid code 83 including all turnouts and is roughly 45% complete.  Scenery: 40% complete.  

Wiring & Control: The railroad uses Digitrax DCC. All turnouts are controlled by Tortoise switch machines. All of the control panels are recessed into the fascias and use LEDs and micro-DPDT switches for turnout position and control.  Not handicapped accessible.

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