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Bill Scheerer's Baltimore & Ohio - Monongah Division
530 square feet plus crew lounge and dispatcher's office

The Monongah Division of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is located in my finished walkout basement. It represents operations between Cumberland, MD on the East and Parkersburg, WV on the West, with Grafton, WV being the center of activity between the two.

I did not attempt to recreate the prototype but rather to model the essence of the B&O in this part of the world. The Monongah Division is set in the 1950's, steam diesel transition era, with a + 240’ single track main line and a + 40’ branch line to Kingwood, West Virginia.

The layout is operated point-to-point with the end points being a common staging yard. Additional staging occurs on the Cowen Subdivision and the Fairmont Subdivision. The overall design is two level track plan with one helix hidden under mountains, visually transitioned into the scenery. Pushers and Helpers are used between Grafton and Cumberland.

The bench work is constructed as “stand alone”, meaning it is an around-the-wall and peninsula layout, all free from the walls and ceiling for easy removal in the future if it becomes necessary.

Scenery is approximately 10-15% complete. The railroad is signaled with the B&O's unique approach lighted Color Position Light Signals (CPL) and the layout's 12 Controlled Points are operated from a reproduction GRS control machine built with parts from the D&RGW's Winter Park to Yarmony, CO machine.

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