Piper Valley National Model Railroad Association

Joe Robertson's Piper Valley
26 ft x 33 ft

Piper Valley Railroad, HO.  This fictitious railroad is set in the 1960’s.  The name comes from a small creek, Piper Creek, which ran next to our farm in Southern Missouri.  This creek served as a bathing place, a place to fish, and a place to swim.  It holds many fond memories as a child and became the name of my railroad.  The Piper Valley is a fully scenicked railroad in fall colors with the setting in the Missouri Ozarks.  To date, there are 150 trees on the railroad with several more to be added.  The railroad occupies a 26’ X 33’ room in the basement.  There are 185’ of mainline track with passing sidings in each of the cities.  Turnouts, 80 of them, are Peco and are powered by Tortoise machines.  There are two hidden storage areas totaling 214’ of storage tracks.  Minimum radius is 30 inches with one curve at 28 inches.  Grades are 1.8 percent, making for the running of medium size trains.  Digitrax DCC powers the railroad.  The railroad is 100% complete.  Not handicapped accessible.

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