NMRA 2018 Kansas City Convention - August 5-12, 2018 National Model Railroad Association

Prototype Tours

Here are some of the prototype tours that we are working on!

Logistics Park Kansas City Intermodal Facility

BNSF Railway’s newest state-of-the-art facility, the Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) Intermodal Facility, is ideally located in the nation’s heartland, and has been designed to accommodate the growing demands of freight rail transportation. LPKC is located along BNSF’s Transcontinental Corridor and is BNSF’s only full-service logistics park in the United States, so co-locating a warehouse or distribution center at LPKC gives companies significant transportation efficiencies.

• 443 acres
• 750,000+ annual unit capacity*
• 64,000 feet of track (eight 8,000-foot strip tracks)
• 1,810 paved parking spaces
• 4,300 container stacking spots
• Eight wide-span all-electric cranes
* 1.5 million unit capacity at full build-out

Click here to go to the BNSF Logistics Park Web Page

Argentine Yard

Argentine is the largest classification yard on the BNSF Railway and processes an average of 2,000 cars per day over the hump into the 60 track classification yard. There is a large car repair shop, several mainline fuel and inspection pads well as a huge Locomotive Maintenance and Repair Terminal (LMIT). Argentine Yard was rebuilt by BNSF from the 2 smaller humps into the new ‘Super Hump’ right as BNSF was formed. Argentine has approximately 100 trains in and out of the facility. Argentine is a former Santa Fe facility and you can still see some remnants of Chico around the yard.

Harriman Dispatch Center - Union Pacific, Omaha, Nebraska

Headquartered in Omaha, NE, the HDC is the central nervous system of the railroad where we manage locomotives, crews and dispatch trains for the entire Union Pacific network. The most important responsibility of the HDC is protecting the safety of our employees and the public.
Constructed originally in 1891 as a freight house for Union Pacific, the HDC now houses 900 employees working around the clock. The facility is impressive and due to the safety-sensitive information that is shared on our 32,000 mile network, building has restricted-access, is guarded and built to withstand the most extreme forces of nature.

This will be an all-day tour as it will take 3+ hours to get there and back. Also this tour will require a background check by UP prior to being allowed on the property so if this is going to be a problem, don’t book this tour. Slots will be extremely limited for this tour.

Check out a great youtube video of the Harriman Center here.

Kansas City Street Car Shop

The KC Streetcar Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) is a three track facility which houses the offices and repair facilities for the streetcar system. All three tracks extend inside the building where there is a pit for inspections, a 7.5 ton jib crane for lifting trucks, 7 ten ton portable lift jacks for lifting the streetcar and a Delta wheel true for correcting issues with flat spots on wheels.

There is also a wash bay equipped with a Bitmec self-propelled washer. To supply power to the Overhead Contact System (OCS), there is a separate substation located at the VMF that supplies power only for streetcars operating within the confines of the building. In addition to the above there are track switches, many spare parts, the Operations Control Center and several other areas of possible interest.

Iatan Power Plant

The community's name is applied to the Iatan 1 and Iatan 2 coal-fired power stations for Kansas City Power & Light which is the largest coal-fired generating plant in Missouri. The Iatan 1 plant which opened in 1980 has a 651-megawatt capacity and had a 700-foot (210 m) high chimney when it opened. The tower is higher than any occupied building in the state including the Gateway Arch. The Iatan 2 plant opened in 2010 and can generate 850 Megawatts with a capacity to burn 494 tons of coal per hour. The new plant has a lower 60-foot (18 m) high mechanical cooling tower. The tour will be inside and outside so plan on being in the heat. There will be PPE requirements for the tour.